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Micah Dalbey

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Missoula Alliance Church


Bass Guitar, BGVs (Baritone), BGVs (Tenor), Guitar (12 String), Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Keys/Synth, Piano, Sound Engineer, Videographer, Worship Leader

Bass Guitar Skill Level

2 – Intermediate

BGVs (Baritone) Skill Level

4 – Professional

BGVs (Tenor) Skill Level

4 – Professional

Guitar (12 String) Skill Level

3 – Semi-Professional

Guitar (Acoustic) Skill Level

4 – Professional

Guitar (Electric) Skill Level

2 – Intermediate

Keys/Synth Skill Level

3 – Semi-Professional

Piano Skill Level

2 – Intermediate

Sound Engineer Skill Level

2 – Intermediate

Videographer Skill Level

2 – Intermediate

Worship Leader Skill Level

4 – Professional




I am the worship pastor at Missoula Alliance Church. Before that, I lead worship at Discovery Alliance Church for 6 years and then Alliance Fellowship in Bozeman, MT for 5 years. I have a bachelors and masters in Music Education and love teaching worship leaders as well as those interested in music theory. AS A FULL TIME WORSHIP PASTOR, MY AVAILABILITY IS LIMITED, but I want to serve as a resource or even just point of contact for smaller churches in need of musicians.

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