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Dave Powers

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Worship and the Word Movement


Bass Guitar, BGVs (Baritone), BGVs (Tenor), Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Worship Leader

Bass Guitar Skill Level

3 – Semi-Professional

BGVs (Baritone) Skill Level

4 – Professional

BGVs (Tenor) Skill Level

4 – Professional

Guitar (12 String) Skill Level

4 – Professional

Guitar (Acoustic) Skill Level

4 – Professional

Guitar (Electric) Skill Level

4 – Professional

Worship Leader Skill Level

4 – Professional


In 2006, My wife, Tara, and I founded Worship and the Word Movement, which is a non-profit 501-(c)(3) organization, based in Denver, Colorado. We have two AMAZING boys, Hunter and Malakai!

From a ministry perspective, I have two primary passions:
1. I LOVE helping people with their dreams.
2. I LOVE being a part of what Jesus is doing to raise up JOYFUL 24-7 worship and prayer in the United States of America.

Tara and I also travel extensively, nationally and internationally, leading musical worship and teaching the Words of Jesus. Our heart is to help people, in many different settings, to encounter Jesus: churches, denominations, conferences, house churches, festivals, living rooms, houses of prayer, advances, and retreats.

We are a part of a RAD team of people that oversee several missionaries and “movements” including http://www.HeavenFest.com, http://www.UnifiedWorship.com, and http://www.ZenithWindowCleaning.com.

Tara and I oversee the 24-7Prayer Network, Resourcing, and Mobilization in the USA. See http://www.24-7prayer.us for more information!

I am endorsed by Grosh Guitars. I’ve been playing guitar for 25 years and I LOVE my Custom Grosh EJVT!


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